Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Kodiak Talks with Cub Swanson

Kodiak MMA: First of all, I’d like to thank you for making time to talk with us for a bit. Before we get to your upcoming fight with Little Evil, I want to congratulate you on your most recent win – and a dominating one – against Micah Miller. There seemed to be some real bad blood there before the match. Was there?

Cub Swanson: There wasn't any bad blood. We just both really felt we were the better fighter. I wish him the best.

Kodiak MMA: How are preparations going for your September 5 fight against Jens Pulver?

Cub Swanson: It's going great! I'm in good shape and I couldn't have prepared better.

Kodiak MMA: You and Jens have both fought at lightweight and featherweight, and you both have some vicious punching power. How do you think this fight is going to be decided?

Cub Swanson: It's going to end with me winning by any means possible.

Kodiak MMA: You’ve gone on record as saying that you’d take the fight to the ground “just to mix it up,” but that standing and banging with Jens is the only way you feel you’ll get respect. Talk a little more about this, especially since you’re a much more dangerous submission fighter than Jens has proven to be.

Cub Swanson: I feel that the people want to see me knock him out, so that's the plan.

Kodiak MMA: Six of your 11 pro wins have come in the very first round. Are you looking to make it an early night against Jens?

Cub Swanson: Of course! Train hard fight easy.

Kodiak MMA: A lot of fans who might not be too familiar with the WEC featherweight division have been talking about Pulver vs. Faber for the featherweight belt ever since Jens announced he planned to drop down to 145. Does this type of stuff put a little more fire in your belly to get the win?

Cub Swanson: No, that kind of stuff makes me smile. I know where I stand.

Kodiak MMA: Where do you feel that a win over Jens Pulver will put you in terms of the featherweight championship? Has the WEC promised or suggested anything?

Cub Swanson: They haven't said anything about that. I just know this win is gonna make me a household name.

Kodiak MMA: What does it mean to be a part of an organization like WEC, which has been putting out some great cards lately (on free TV!!!) and is gaining a reputation for its abundance of exciting, young talent?

Cub Swanson: It's what I've been waiting for. I don't want to jump from show to show. I want a home to build a throne in!

Kodiak MMA: By the way, how did the nickname “Cub” come to be?

Cub Swanson: My brother called me Cub when I was an infant and it stuck. It feels more like my real name.

Kodiak MMA: Which fighters do you enjoy watching most?

Cub Swanson: I enjoy watching my friends and training partners fight because it's more emotional.

Kodiak MMA: We’ve come to the part of the program where I mention someone or something, and you give me your thoughts. Let’s do it.

Urijah Faber: Soon

Kid Yamamoto: M.I.A.

Razor Rob vs. Cleat Crunkilton: Hopefully a bang'er.

In a year from now, Cub Swanson will be ________: The Champ!!

Kodiak MMA: Cub, thanks again for your time, and I wish you the best against Jens. Before we tap out, is there anything you’d like to fans to check out?

Cub Swanson: Check out and thanks for rooting for me. Thanks, Tapout, Strapped Inc., MMA Fanatics, Tagg Radio, OC Muay Thai, CSW.

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