Friday, July 27, 2007

The Kodiak Talks with "Razor" Rob McCullough

Kodiak MMA: How's everything/everyone over at Team Punishment these days?

Razor Rob: Well, everything is pretty damn good over at Team Punishment. We've all worked real hard and now we are starting to enjoy the fruits of our labor. We've also expanded out training center twice now, too.

Kodiak MMA: Your next opponent will be Rich Crunkilton, who has demonstrated solid striking and ground fighting and is 7-0 in the WEC. Are you preparing any differently for him than you have for other opponents?

Razor Rob: Yes, I've been doing a lot of ninja training, blind folded. I hear it really works wonders.

Kodiak MMA: One of the reasons you're a favorite fighter of mine is because if you check out any "Razor" Rob highlight video, you will be highly entertained. Do you make it a point to excite the crowd, or is that just your style?

Razor Rob: Well, I hate to bore my fans, so I do what I can…that and when I get hit I usually freak out and try and kill my opponent.

Kodiak MMA: How did the nickname "Razor" come to be?

Razor Rob: I got the nickname "Razor" from one of the older guys from the gym after he watched me train. He got me fight shorts with "Razor" embroidered on them, too. Thanks, Shane Hicks.

Kodiak MMA: You, Tiki Ghosn, Tito Ortiz are all from Huntington Beach, CA. What is it about that California beach town that turns out such great fighters?

Razor Rob: It's the lifestyle and growing up with Tito Ortiz and Tank Abbott, Kimo, just to name a few as neighbors. Shit rubs off on ya.

Kodiak MMA: The WEC is doing big things these days – new WEC WrekCage telecasts on the Versus channel, some new talent, and some great events (WEC 29 on Aug. 5; WEC 30 on Sept. 5) coming up - and they’re for free! You must be loving the new exposure that you and the WEC are getting.

Razor Rob: Yeah, I'm pretty happy I chose to stay in the game when there was no money, and try to be the best mixed martial artist I could be. Now I spend weekends going on vacations and the Playboy Mansion. It doesn't suck, I’ll tell you that.

Kodiak MMA: Former UFC lightweight champ Jens Pulver will be making his WEC debut as a featherweight against Cub Swanson. Are you at all upset that you won’t get a crack at Jens at 155 lbs? That’s a fight I’d love to see.

Razor Rob: Well, yeah. Jens is the reason I started doing MMA. I saw him fight my friend Alfie in Louisiana and thought, "Hey, the have my weight class." Then he beat my other friend, John Lewis, and I really wanted to fight him. Oh well…

Kodiak MMA: There’s a 5-part Razor Rob McCullough instructional Muy Thai Kickboxing DVD set that available now. Actually, a friend of mine got it and really digs it. Tell us about that.

Razor Rob: I made a 5-part instructional DVD set in 1999 and I actually was watching it last night thinking, "Geez, this is really good!" It breaks down Muy Thai kickboxing to the simplest form. I really enjoyed making it and am still watching it today.

Kodiak MMA: Your MySpace page is a thing of envy. You have stunningly beautiful women routinely leaving comments about how "sexy" you are. What am I doing wrong?

Razor Rob: (Laughs). Man, I dunno, but it’s like a batting average; the more you swing, the better your chances are.

Kodiak MMA: I'd like to do a little word association. I mention someone or something, and you tell me whatever pops into your head. Let's do it.

Jason "Mayhem" Miller: Crazy…and Lil Jon and the East Side boys

Tito & Jenna: My BFF's. Business!

Sean Sherk: Juice monkey

Takanori Gomi: California rolls

Rampage Jackson: Face slapping and he needs a Tic Tac

MMA reality TV shows: Great for the sport and watching my next victims

Olaf Alfonso's jaw: Jaw…have you seen his nose!

Urijah Faber: Great champ

Pikos Pikosos fajita seasoning: To die for!

Kodiak MMA: Rob, I really appreciate you giving us your time. Before we tap out, is there anyone/anything you’d like the fans to check out?

Razor Rob: I'm selling my own merchandise there.


Anonymous said...

Razor Rob is the man! He better be careful talking about Sherk and Gomi...hahaha.

Anonymous said...

It was funny when he made Kit Cope cry like a baby in their fight. I'd like to see him fight some real strikers.

Anonymous said...

Some real strikers? Kit Cope was a 4-time Muy Thai World champion champion in 4 different weight classes. He can strike.

Anonymous said...

No I mean real strikers like Bang Ludwig not Kit Cope with BS fake championships Master Toddy invented for him. Kit is a 4 time nothing.