Friday, July 27, 2007

Morning Droppings

- In a new interview, Vadim Finkelstein, Fedor Emelianenko's agent, discusses recent negotiations for the Pride heavyweight champion, the UFC's "very harsh" terms, and much, much more. It's definitely worth the read, so check it out.

- Elite XC president Gary Shaw has gone on record as saying that Thierry Sokoudjou "is off the table with EliteXC." Shaw said that EliteXC gave Sokoudjou "a very good offer" but "someone threw an astronomical offer at him that I was not willing to match." K-1, perhaps?

- Due to the many e-mail inquiries regarding my recent Luke Cummo interview and whether he drinks his own urine, I've decided to put the matter to rest for you all. The following was posted by Luke himself on the forums a few months back:

"I drink all that I can of my own urine. It has many advantages. It contains hormones, minerals, and elements that bind moisture to protein. Basically it is a recycling of things so that they can have another chance to get where they are destined. If you were to drink something, your body will want to excrete liquid in order to maintain a certain level of hydration. So it filters the blood and the urine may contain things that didn't get a chance to get where they were going."

For more on "urine therapy" and Luke's forum posts, click here.

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