Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Kodiak Talks with Pete "Drago" Sell

Kodiak MMA: You’re scheduled to take on Nate Quarry at Ultimate Fight Night 11 on September 19. Having fought him once before, do you feel that you now have a better sense of how to prepare for him?

Pete Sell: Oh yeah, for sure. I definitely didn't give him enough respect last time. I was too much of a cowboy. I'm a smarter fighter now.

Kodiak MMA: While you were battling tough middleweights like Thales Lietes and Scott Smith, Nate had been away from competitive MMA for almost two years. Do you see this is an advantage for you?

Pete Sell: Well, ring rust is never a good thing for anybody. I feel comfortable because I have been active.

Kodiak MMA: What part of your fight game do you feel has seen the most improvement since you last fought Nate Quarry?

Pete Sell: Actually, my overall MMA game. I have learned not to be so one-dimensional.

Kodiak MMA: This fight comes at a time when you’re coming off of 3 consecutive UFC losses. Do you feel that there’s more pressure on you to win now than ever before?

Pete Sell: A little bit I do but I have been on a real good training routine and feel it will show in the fight. I am young and in this fight game to stay; regardless of whatever happens with Nate, I will have my day.

Kodiak MMA: What can fans expect from this match?

Pete Sell: Everyone knows I'm coming to fight. I'm coming to lay it on the line and of course have my hands raised at the end of it.

Kodiak MMA: I understand that you joined Matt Serra and Ray Longo as a coach for the fighters for the sixth season of The Ultimate Fighter reality show. What was your role in the show?

Pete Sell: I shared my experience in the big show withe the fighters, gave them coaching advice about everything, and was an extra body to train with.

Kodiak MMA: Without giving away too much, how were things in the gym between Matt Serra and Matt Hughes? Any bad blood?

Pete Sell: I leave it for the show, but they definitely did not get along.

Kodiak MMA: Did Matt Hughes bring along any of his guys to coach?

Pete Sell: Robbie Lawler, Pena, and DiFiore.

Kodiak MMA: When your fighting career comes to a close, would you consider working as an instructor or coach?

Pete Sell: For sure. I love the sport and really enjoyed helping the guys out on the show.

Kodiak MMA: I read a little while back that you were trying your hand at acting. How’s that going?

Pete Sell: After I lost my last fight I was really down so I laid low for a while and realized that if I want to be at the top of my fight game, I have to put 100% of my time to it. If something with acting came up, I would definitely do it but my priority right now is fighting.

Kodiak MMA: Still working as a bouncer?

Pete Sell: No, I just train full time now. The bouncing was a bad influence on me, with all the late nights, women, and drinking all the time was bad news when you have to get up early and train.

Kodiak MMA: Shifting gears a bit, did you know that on, your silhouette (as pictured to the right) is used for fighters who don’t have an official picture. Not bad.

Pete Sell: That is pretty cool! I guess I have that look.

Kodiak MMA: I’d like to get your thoughts on three upcoming middleweight UFC matches, as well as some others. Feel free to pick a winner.

Rich Franklin vs. Anderson Silva - I think Franklin is definitely going to put up a better fight this time, but Silva is on top of his game right now. I'm going with Silva.

Kendall Grove vs. Patrick Cote – Both really cool good guys. Don't want to see either of them lose, but I got to go with my man Cote.

Chris Leben vs. Terry Martin – If Leben tries to bang with Martin, I think Martin is going to take it.

Kodiak MMA: While we’re talking middleweights, what did you think of Paulo Filho’s WEC debut earlier this month (if you saw it)?

Pete Sell: I did not get to see it. Heard it was a good fight.

Kodiak MMA: You’re one of the UFC’s youngest, most hard hitting 185-lb. guys, and you’re also a pretty well decorated grappler. Where do you hope to be in a year from now?

Pete Sell: On a winning streak; that is the game plan.

Kodiak MMA: Pete, I appreciate your time, and I look forward to you racking up another win on September 19. Before we tap out, is there anything you’d like the Kodiak MMA readers to check out?

Pete Sell: Check out my new website Thanks.

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