Friday, July 27, 2007

Straight Talk: U.S. Armed Forces Edition

"This trip was an experience that I will never forget. All of us are leaving with many new friends. Just as importantly, we also have a better understanding of what the soldiers are facing here in Afghanistan. It has enlightened and inspired me beyond words. I hope I will get a chance to come back here and support these troops once again. The Taliban/Terrorist threat is very real and our military is doing an amazing job of fighting it everyday. I encourage you to support the troops in whatever ways you can. They all need to know that we support them, love them and appreciate the sacrifices they are doing for this great and free country."

- UFC lightweight Kenny Florian on his trip to Afghanistan.

"I was on a navy warship 'wasp' and was privileged to have met many that fight for our country. So many had just come back from Iraq, and many were on there way. I was able to talk to solders that let me in to the grim reality they live when there over there. My Thoughts? We take all of them for granted, they fight and give their lives for our freedom, and the worlds security. I simply want to express my support for all of them that fight so hard and are the real heroes of this world. Thank You and may God's strength be with you."

- post by IFL heavyweight star Ben Rothwell

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