Saturday, June 16, 2007

UFC 72: Ed "Short Fuse" Herman - Scott "Hands of Steel" Smith

I just got back from watching UFC 72: Victory at my buddy's place. Eh.

Scott “Hands of Steel” and Ed “Short Fuse” Herman kicked of the broadcast. Smith came out to Ozzy, Herman to Phil Collins. This is when I decided that today would be the first time I’d be rooting for Herman.

Within seconds of the opening bell, Herman took Smith down and bullied the California fighter with a variety pack of ground strikes, the most notable of which was a pair of devastating elbows. Even still, Smith fought back and weathered a very heavy storm. After the first round, and enthused Joe Rogan shouted over the dynamic crowd, “Have you ever seen a boring Scott Smith fight?!?” I guess Joe wasn’t there for Smith-Cote at UFC 67.

In the second round, Herman picked up where he left off, continuing to punish a bloodied Smith At 2:25, Herman sunk in a rear naked choke on Smith, who tapped almost immediately.

Hat’s off to Ed Herman. He dominated Smith in every facet of the fight and once again showed off a slick submission game.

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