Thursday, July 19, 2007

And Now Sherk!!!

This is ri-goddamn-diculous!

UFC lightweight champion Sean Sherk has tested positive for Nandrolone Metabolite. Sherk will be fined $2,500 and will be suspended through July 6, 2008.

I just got finished blasting Franca for testing positive, and this might be worse.
With Sherk suspended for a year, will the UFC strip him of his title or allow the belt to go undefended for an entire year? The lightweight division is loaded with talent, so I, for one, will be pissed off if Sherk retains the belt.

Previously, UFC champions who've tested positive (Josh Barnett, Tim Sylvia) were fined, suspended, and stripped of their belts.

Now that I think of it, whom will BJ Penn face if not Sherk? And what about the All Access Spike TV show about Sherk's tireless work ethic and training regimen?

This is going from bad to worse.

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Anonymous said...

sucks about sherk but now maybe we could have a ufc lightweight tournament...i say do that or have bj fight joe stevenson if he beats pellegrino