Wednesday, July 25, 2007

IFL Grand Prix Match-ups Announced

Here are the match-ups for the IFL Grand Prix opening round, which will be held on November 3 in Chicago. The finals will take place at in Uncasville, CT on December 29.

I'd love to know how and why Chris Horodecki didn't get the #1 seed, but I'm not at all upset that he and Palaszewski will be meeting in the opening round.

Matyushenko vs. Schonauer, Heleno vs. Miller, and Rothwell vs. Nelson should also be great fights.

Lightweight (155 lbs.)
- No. 1 Wagnney Fabiano (NY Dragons) vs. No. 4 John Gunderson (Nevada Lions)
- No. 2 Chris-Horodecki(LA Anacondas) vs. No. 3 Bart Palaszewski(Iowa Silverbacks)
Alternate: Shad Lierley (Seattle Tiger Sharks)

Welterweight (170 lbs.)
- No. 1 Delson Heleno (NY Pitbulls) vs. No. 4 Mark Miller (Chicago Red Bears)
- No. 2 Antonio McKee (Tokyo Sabres) vs. No. 3 Jay Hieron (LA Anacondas)
Alternate: Pat Healy (Nevada Lions)

Middleweight (185 lbs.)
- No. 1 Benji Radach (LA Anacondas) vs. No. 4 Brent Beauparlant (Toronto Dragons)
- No. 2 Matt Horwich (Portland Wolfpack) vs. No. 3 Brian Foster (San Jose Razorclaws)
Alternate: Fabio Leopoldo (NY Pitbulls)

Light Heavyweight (205 lbs.)
- No. 1 Vladimir Matyushenko (Tokyo Sabres) vs. No. 4 Alex Schoenauer (LA Anacondas)
- No. 2 Mike Whitehead (Tucson Scorpions) vs. No. 3 Mike Ciesnolevicz (Iowa Silverbacks)
Alternate: Jamal Patterson (NY Pitbulls)

Heavyweight (265 lbs.)
- No. 1 Ben Rothwell (Iowa Silverbacks) vs. No. 4 Roy Nelson (Nevada Lions)
- No. 2 Antoine Jaoude (So. Cal. Condors) vs. No. 3 Reese Andy (Seattle Tiger Sharks)
Alternate: Bryan Vetell (NY Pitbulls)

For more on the IFL Grand Prix tournament, click here.

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