Thursday, July 26, 2007

Kodiak MMAil

My friend is an amateur fighter and is a pretty wacky guy who could make for an awesome interview. Any interest? How can he contact you?

Any Name
(Manchester, NH)

You’re contacting me and asking how someone can contact me. Wow.

If you fought a Grizzly Bear in the Octagon, who would win? If you did win, how would you finish the big fella?

(West Point, NY)

The kodiak and grizzly bears are both sub-species of the North American brown bear, so this is quite an intriguing match.

Without question, The Kodiak (yours truly) would decimate the grizzly with a series of strikes en route to the TKO victory. The grizzly has a large muscle mass behind its head (for digging purposes), so a rear naked choke or a triangle choke - two of my specialties - could be tough.

I read your interview with Luke Cummo yesterday. Very cool stuff, man. Why didn’t you ask if he drinks his own urine?????

(Virginia Beach)

Yeah, I guess I should have asked. I actually received several e-mails about Luke Cummo and his alleged urine drinking, so if any of you are still curious, you could ask him yourself: Luke is a cool guy, and what he does with his urine is his own bid-ness!

What’s the deal with Jerry Millen? Is he with the UFC now that they took over Pride?

Fother Mucker
(New Jersey)

Jerry/Gary Millen, last I heard, has been doing stunt work for Ryan Seacrest and Ellen DeGeneres.

Actually, I don’t know for sure what the story is with him, but I’d be shocked to learn that he’s with Zuffa in any capacity. Dana White was pretty public with his disdain for Millen.

(For those of you who may not know, Jerry/Gary Millen was Pride Fighting Championship’s VP for the American market. He was basically a wannabe Dana White – the whole brash, confident businessman thing – but he and his spiked, dyed hair and fake vintage t-shirts failed miserably.)

Why don’t you post about the contestants for the upcoming Ultimate Fighter show? Just curious…

(Naples, FL)

I’m not a huge Ultimate Fighter fan to begin with, and there are other sites cover that much more comprehensively. There’s a lot of MMA news that I don’t report, mostly because I’m just not that interested.

What I did report, however, was that Serra/Longo product and Long Islander Joe Scarola will be competing for the TUF 6 contract/watch/car/accolades. I’ll be rooting for him big time.

As for TUF, I usually tune in for the last 20-30 minutes because I only want to see the fights. If I hear that something cool happened earlier on, I’ll catch the replay, but overall, I’m not interested in getting to know the fighters and watching how bored they are in the house. Nothing personal, though.

What celebrity do you hate seeing most in the UFC audience?


Without a doubt it’s Wilmer Valderamma. First of all, he seems to always be wearing a knit hat, even when he’s at an indoor event in Las Vegas. Bothers me. Second, he’s always got that “I’m still wasted but kinda coming down” look to him. He looks like an Al Qaeda operative with jaundice. Third, he’s had biblical knowledge of my beloved Lindsay Lohan on several occasions, and that’s not fair.

I want to challenge you to a White Castle eating contest. Care to make it interesting?

(Astoria, NY)

You want to challenge me, or you do challenge me? And if you care to put money on it, you’ll ultimately lose your money and your dignity in defeat.

By the way, the White Castle on the corner of 31st Drive and 21st Street in Astoria is excellent. I know the area.

Who’s your favorite New Kid?

(Staten Island, NY)

Donny Wahlberg gets my vote because he was excellent in HBO’s Band of Brothers, and he starred in a very cool independent film called Southie. It’s about Irish people from South Boston being aggressive, and Rose McGowan is in it. Check it out.

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