Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Zuffa Drops Nick Diaz from Pride

The following is a message posted on

"We will be running a series on a seldom seen look at the behind the scenes workings that ultimately lead to the ouster of Nick Diaz from the new Pride organization. In our opinion this ouster had everything to do with Nick's participation in the EliteXC organization and nothing to do with Zuffa's technical grounds. Everyday this week we will post corresponding emails and let you the reader be the ultimate judge."

Nick Diaz is my man, so I'll keep you posted on this.

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Anonymous said...

im a nick diaz fan too and would love to see him fight anywhere but pride or ufc would be the best. this whole thing puts his brother nate in a tough situation because nate just won a ufc contract from the pople who are banning nick. shady shit if you ask me.