Sunday, August 26, 2007

Babalu's "Lesson" in Respect Will Cost Him

The Nevada State Athletic Commission will reportedly withhold half of Babalu's $50,000 purse after the Brazilian light heavyweight held onto an anaconda choke well after opponent David Heath tapped out in Round 2 of their undercard UFC 74 fight last night. Referee Steve Mazzagatti worked to pry Babalu's arm off of an already bloodied and battered Heath, who had tapped, but by the time Babalu let go, Heath was out.

"I just thought that I needed to teach him respect after he showed me so much disrespect. I think that you can be fearless and tough and still maintain sportsmanship. He needed to be taught a lesson," said Babalu, who claims that Heath hurled obscenities at him.

If you saw the weigh-ins, it was clear that Babalu seemed to be the one intensifying things; Heath just kind of smiled and played along. I don't know what - if anything - happened between the two before or after that, but Babalu's "he cursed at me" explanation for holding onto the choke is almost laughable.

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RESPEC said...

This will blow over. His performance was dominant. The only mistake he made was admitting to doing it on purpose. Even BJ held Jens too long.

I want to see a Babalu/ Ortiz fight. GNP vs BJJ.... interesting.