Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Koscheck’s "Friends" Sound Off After UFC 74

I always like checking out a fighter’s MySpace page after a loss.

Typically, you'll find something about the fight in which the defeated tips his cap to his opponent, thanks his camp and all of his supporters, and promises to come back stronger. And that’s always nice to see, I suppose.

But the real gems come in the form of “Friends” comments, a mélange of the uplifting, the brutally honest, and, in Josh Koscheck's case, the just plain nasty.

Koscheck really seems to have rubbed people the wrong way with his pre-fight antics and comments. Even Babalu received more support from the MySpace community!

- Im one of the ones that boo you because you're a douche bag....RUSH!

- u f**king suck GSP kicked that ass

- Everyone say it with me ....RUSHHHHHHHHHHH

- St. Pierre completely took you out of your game. And you were out wrestled. Props for not getting knocked out or submitted though, St. Pierre is an animal.

- welcome to reality. You are a result of getting caught up in your own hype. I liked you when you were humble, but since Sanchez, you think you're indestructible. Yes, your stand-up is a little better, but that's because before it was non-existent. All you have is a typical 1-2 comprised of a jab and a wild hay-maker right overhand. The only way that combo will ever work is if you actually stand in the pocket and stop being a pussy. You are too afraid of being hit. Maybe one of these days you'll win fights other than lay-n-praying on opponents. Oh, and shave your head, you look retarded.

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