Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Bisping’s Father Attacked After UFC 75

An article is reporting that just moments before his press conference, Michael Bisping received word that his father had been attacked in the parking lot of the O2 Arena.

"Nobody knows what happened before the press conference. Just before I walked in, I got a phone call saying that my dad had been attacked in the car park by several people. A security guard came down on a moped and I jumped on the back of the moped and we were flying around looking for him and we hit a road block."

There’s been no word on what – if any – injuries Mr. Bisping suffered or exactly how and why the altercation started.

As for his prickly post-fight demeanor, Bisping explained, "That was just me having a go. You know the way I am; sometimes I talk first and think later."

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