Sunday, September 9, 2007

Goldie Shines Again

My favorite UFC 75 Gold nugget came last night when Goldberg, obviously impressed with Houston Alexander's dominating TKO victory over Alessio Sakara, nearly ejaculated after barking: "That dude is VIOLENT!"

Any time Mike Goldberg says something emphatically, I laugh out loud. It doesn't really matter what it is, I just find it hilarious.

Something about Mike Goldberg (and his tendency to over-annunciate) trying to casually employ the word "dude" just makes me smile. As for his guttural scream on the word "violent," I can only thank God for digital TV recording.

Also for a good laugh, clear your mind and try to picture a close-up on Goldberg who very calmly stares into the camera and nods as he says "penis." Gets me every time.

And am I the only one who noticed that ol' Goldie seems to be gelling his hair up these days into the always stylish homohawk?

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Anonymous said...

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