Friday, September 14, 2007

Nick Diaz Delivers

I was cruising around and learned that Sam Caplan of CBS Sportsline interviewed the controversial Nick Diaz, a Kodiak MMA favorite. Here are some of my favorite lines from the inimitable Nick Diaz:

- "I train harder than everybody else and I'm not out drinking like everybody else. It's obvious to you guys sitting at this table that you can see the rest of these fighters out there and what they're doing. You've got some of them testing positive for steroids and a lot of them go out and get drunk and hammered and doing a bunch of coke and then popping Vicodins."

- "I think the idea of making marijuana illegal like it is right now is a case of paranoia."

- "My point is I wasn't high the same day of the fight (against Takanori Gomi) or the week of the fight. And how would I be? I go to Vegas and I don't know anybody in Vegas; they have sh** weed in Vegas."
- "I do triathlons. I've done f**kin 112-mile bike rides and 26-mile runs all in the same event. You can do it high, it feels great loaded."

- "And nothing against that dude (Floyd Mayweather), except for that he is kind of a piece of sh**."

- "Everybody f**king loves Huerta. They're like "Oh, Roger Huerta! Yeah!" And I'm like, my brother will f**king choke that guy!"
- "This is fighting. It should be simple enough? But it's not. I have to do acting, and role playing, and being a part of this PR and whole Hollywood deal that's going on now a days with this huge MMA thing. And I didn't realize that. But now I'm kind of learning as I go along and now I'm willing to kind of play along. For instance, I was supposed to go on Blind Date and I didn't do that. And I didn't go on The Ultimate Fighter show."

-"I just hope that everyone doesn't think that I don't mean well. I don't want everyone's kids to start smoking marijuana or anything. And I want this to be a clean sport and I don't think fighters should be going out there and getting loaded or anything like that. "

Click here for the interview in its full glory.

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