Wednesday, October 10, 2007

IFL Releases Shamrock & Razorclaws

MMAWeekly is reporting that the IFL has released the San Jose Razorclaws, as well as its coach, Frank Shamrock.

"They said they were going a different direction with their business. They're good people and they're a good company. They've got a hard road ahead of them. I'm still willing to help in any way because they treated me real good," Shamrock said.

As for his old team, Shamrock expressed little confidence in former Razorclaws finding success elsewhere within the IFL: "I think they cut everybody but Brian Foster and he's in the Grand Prix, so he's got his chance coming up. I think they're going to reassign him to a new team. He's got a couple of teams that he has the option to go to."

I'm sure the rest of the Razorclaws appreciate that vote of confidence, coach!

Shamrock also told MMAWeekly that he and New York Pitbulls coach Renzo Gracie will rematch in April, that Shamrock and his wife are expecting a baby in May, and that he will "probably fight again in (or around) September."

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