Thursday, November 1, 2007

Straight Talk

"I think Cung Le needs some more time and experience. I don’t think it is a good fight right now because I would just smash him and ruin his progress. Everyone is pushing for Cung because he has been very exciting so far. I think it would be a waste of money and it would crush him when I crush him. I would like to wait till 2009 for that fight. I don’t really know who is on the horizon right now. Robbie Lawler’s name has been thrown around, but I am good with whoever they decide."

- Strikeforce middleweight champ Frank Shamrock

I agree that 1) a Shamrock-Le fight would be exciting, 2) Le could definitely use some more experience, especially against better competition, before challenging Shamrock, and 3) Shamrock would smash him.

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