Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Dana White: Angle Wouldn't Stand a Chance

At a post-UFC 72 press conference, Dana White confirmed that he and Olympic/professional wrestler Kurt Angle are again discussing a possible MMA debut with the UFC for the former gold medalist.

Although White said he harbors no bad feelings and truly does "respect" Angle, he feels that Angle, at 39 years of age, wouldn’t stand a chance if he were to jump right into the octagon.

"I think he needs to work on his MMA. He’ll get destroyed by any of these guys. He’s a nice guy… I like him, but I’ll tell it like it is. I think he’s going to get destroyed if he comes in and fights with the UFC. Because he’s a gold medal wrestler, I respect him for that, but… you just don’t jump from the WWE to MMA."

White also said that Angle refused a UFC contract that would pay Angle to spend a year training with UFC heavyweight champ Randy Couture and others UFC fighters.

I realize that a 39-year-old pro wrestler with no MMA experience and a busted neck is little more than hype, so I'm kind of ashamed for even posting this drivel.

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