Monday, June 18, 2007

Dana White: Tito Is A "Big Sissy"

UFC President Dana White told YahooSports! that he wanted Forrest Griffin to face Tito Ortiz, not Hector Ramirez, UFC 72 on Saturday.

According to White, Ortiz apparently declined the rematch in favor of a showdown with Rashad Evans at UFC 73: "Stacked" on July 7.

"Tito didn’t want to come over here, the big sissy," White claimed.

As for Griffin, who lost a close decision to Ortiz last April at UFC 59, he was all for the rematch. "Most definitely, it’s a fight I wouldn’t say no to."

Based on how Forrest looked at UFC 72 agianst Ramirez, I think it was a blessing for him that he did not have to face Tito again, picking up would would most likely have been a second consecutive loss. Forrest, by his own admission, did not train his hardest for UFC 72 and clearly fought not to lose against Ramirez.

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Broccoli Rob said...

I agree. Forrest looked like he was going thru the motions @ 72. Tito would have either outstruck him, or he would have taken him to the ground and pounded him out for the win. I expected to see more from Griffin against Ramirez.