Monday, June 18, 2007

Hammill Out, Shamrock In vs. Bisping at UFC 75

Change of plans.

Michael "The Count" Bisping will put his undefeated mixed martial arts record on the line as he will step into the cage against UFC Hall of Famer Ken Shamrock, not Matt Hammill, at UFC 75 in September. Or so we hear.

The UFC has confirmed that Bisping will appear on the UFC 75 card, but the organization has yet to officially confirm Bisping's opponent, whom insiders believe to be the retired Shamrock.

While Bisping and Shamrock have virtually no history, don't forget that Bisping appeared on Tito Ortiz’s - not Shamrock’s - team on TUF 3 and beat up Shamrock fighter Josh "Bring the Pain" Haynes in the televised finale.

Stay tuned for official confirmation of whom "The Count" will be facing at UFC 75.

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Jersey John said...

This could be interesting. Ken caught Tito with a nice shot the first time they fought - and dropped Tito - so you never know. Plus, Bisping has a reputation as starting out slow.