Friday, June 15, 2007

It Makes You Wonder...

Manny's win over Loe Lauzon last night got me thinking...

As you may know, Joe burst onto the scene by knocking out former lightweight champion Jens Pulver in what proved to be the first of many recent UFC upsets. After Joe won his first TUF bout against Brian Geraghty, Jens, who coached Geraghty this season, seemed almost satisfied that Joe had beaten one of his own fighters.

"I'm glad he won," a grinning Jens said during episode six, almost as if to say, "See, guys, he really is tough."

That said, is it altogether ridiculous to think that Jens -- at least a little part of him -- wouldn't have minded seeing Lauzon win the TUF 5 contract? Might that have vindicated his earlier KO loss to Lauzon? After all, it was Manny, the smallest fighter on the show, who was able to do what his legendary coach could not: beat Joe Lauzon.

I know that it's fruitless to think, "Well, if Manny beat Joe, and Joe beat Jens, then Manny could beat Jens," and I know that the transitive property of ass-kicking may not apply here. But I'm not Jens Pulver.

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