Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Straight Talk

"In reality, Royce pushed himself out of the family a little bit. He's being more independent, if you realize Royce doesn't have a school, doesn't teach nobody. I have under my roof at least 6 Gracies training. I brought them from Brazil, I brought them from Hawaii, from California, from everywhere that I could get a hand on, someone of my family and get them under my roof to teach them and to make them better and to make sure that our legacy will expand for other generations.

"And Royce, in reality, he trains at his garage. He lives out of seminars, teaching seminars on the weekends. So in reality he's not working towards nothing to perpetuate our name and our art. And this saddens me. So definitely for sure I can see someone, the people that are around him convinced him to go to go 'this is your way to win.'"

- Renzo Gracie commenting on Royce.

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