Saturday, June 16, 2007

UFC 72: Forrest Griffin - Hector Ramirez

Forrest Griffin and Hector Ramirez were up next. Forrest came out to that bad-ass music from The Departed, which brought a smile to the Kodiak's face.

Early in the first round, Ramirez landed a solid shot but spent the rest of the round plodding ahead (kind of) toward the elusive Griffin, whose few strikes did little damage to Ramirez. In rounds 2 and 3, however, Griffin out-punched and -kicked Ramirez (sort of), earning a lackluster unanimous decision.

Griffin didn't show me much, and Ramirez showed me nothing. During the post-fight interview, Griffin babbled something about an injury and not training hard for this fight, and how he was sorry that Ramirez had to fight a guy who was running away the whole time.

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