Saturday, July 7, 2007

Pre-Fight Jitters

- I have a very good feeling about Anderson Silva tonight. I know how tough Marquardt is, but at some point, Silva will keep Nate off of him and outstrike him.

- Tito vs. Rashad still doesn't excite me. Their rivalry seems fabricated, the trash talk forced, and both have shitty nicknames.

- I really hope Nogueira puts on a good show tonight against Herring. He has the most complete game in the heavyweight division (and possibly beyond) and displays tremendous heart always. I really believe that within a year, he'll be the heavyweight champ.

- As I was telling my friend Ralph earlier this week, if Frankie Edgar's fight isn't televised, I'm going to slap a gogoplata onto my neighbor. (Not that the two are connected in any way. I happen to dislike a particular neighbor, and I really hope to see Edgar fight tonight.)

- Alvin Robinson could turn out to be the surprise fighter of the night, with Robinson-Florian possibly being the match of the night. I was watching some video, and this guy is gooooood.

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