Thursday, July 5, 2007

Baroni Bashes GSP

The following is a message posted on Josh Koscheck's MySpace page by Phil Baroni about Koscheck's upcoming fight with Georges St. Pierre:

smash that Kermit the frog looking and talking f-g. send him back home with a f--king maple leaf in his mouth.
all you brotha.
your clothing looks good by the way.

Koscheck responded safely:

thanks brother!!!!! hope your doing well see you in vegas!!! kos

Baroni really seems to be off to a rought start to summer. First, he's beaten by Frank Shamrock, whom he despises. Then he tests positive for two different anabolic steriods and is consequently fined, suspended, and humiliated. And now he badmouths the always gracious GSP and his home country of Canada, which is also home to The Band.

If you love Phil Baroni, this is probably a good example of why you do. And if you hate Phil Baroni, this probably a good example of why you do.

No word yet on whether GSP left Shamrock a MySpace comment thanking him for sending Baroni back to NY with a proscuitto sandwich up his ass. Or something like that.


GSPfan said...

Baroni is a typical NY idiot who better keep his stupid mouth shut.

Anonymous said...

typical NY idiot? you need to keep your stupid mouth shut.

Fight Night Prez said...

Typical, there's nothing typical about N.Y., even our idiots. He might be a juicehead, but not an idiot. I'm avoiding this match altogether, I'm no fan of Koz or GSP.

Anonymous said...

very well said....
baroni is an ass. once again proves to be an ass in and out of the ring.