Thursday, July 5, 2007

Straight Talk

"I'm going to stop him. He doesn't have any cardio, and I don't think his work ethic's any good. So the longer the fight goes, the more tired he gets and I'm going to stop him.

"Either way would be great. It doesn't matter: a knockout on the feet would be great or a knockout on the ground, too. I've got no problem standing with him.

"He doesn't throw combos; he just throws haymakers. He tries to knock you out. He'll throw two punches at the most and then he'll stop and stare at you. As far as boxing goes, my boxing's 10 times better."

-Sean Sherk assesses his UFC 73 opponent, Hermes Franca.


GSPfan said...

Sherk is going to win by decision, guaranteed!

Nasty Nate said...

i agree with sherk. franca's only chance is a haymaker knock-out like the one he pulled off against spencer the king. franca has good bjj, but sherk's too strong on the ground.