Monday, July 9, 2007

Morning Droppings

- Top-notch heavyweight free agent and former UFC champ Josh Barnett says that he has spoken with UFC president Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta recently, that the UFC is well aware that he has "no beef with them," and that there are no personal issues keeping Barnett from signing with the UFC. "I just have not received any offers from them yet," he explained. Get on it, Dana!

- Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic told Dana White that if he beats Chiek Kongo at UFC 75 in London, he wants a shot at Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira.

- UFC officials confirmed this weekend that UFC 77 will be held on October 20 at the U.S. Bank Arena in Cincinnati, where hometown product Rich "Ace" Franklin will get a chance to reclaim his middleweight title in a rematch with Anderson Silva.

- First Sakurai, then BJ Penn, now Jon Fitch? A fight between welterweights Jon Fitch and Diego Sanchez is supposedly in the works for UFC 76 on September 22. I wrote a while back that a Fitch-Karo Parisyan fight would make perfect sense for the division, but what do I know.

- Also rumored is a welterweight fight between Anthony Johnson and Jess Liaudin at UFC 75, MMAWeekly reports.

- On Saturday night at the Arco Arena, 26-year-old Eraldo Cano reportedly fell 30 feet from the second level of the arena, and Sacramento County Sheriff's officials have confirmed Cano's death. There's no word so far as to whether alcohol played a role in this tragic death, and all signs seem to indicate that this was an accident.


The Liceman said...

signing barnett would be sick; nog would sub crocop in round 2; fitch vs sanchez is a MUCH better fight than fitch vs karo. diego already killed karo

Masta Blasta said...

Hey Liceman, Diego KILLED Karo??? It was probably the best fight of 2006 because it was action-packed and very close for 15 minutes! Did you even watch the fight or are you going by just wins and losses? And to think that I just agreed with an earlier comment of yours.

As for Josh barnett, the UFC heavyweight division is already much improved, but this signing would make it elite.