Saturday, July 21, 2007

Morning Droppings

- Chris Leben will, in fact, be fighting on the September 19 UFC Fight Night 11 card after all. Leben will face the powerful Terry Martin, who most recently defeated Ivan Salaverry by dropping him on his head.

- UFC lightweight chump Sean Sherk has appealed the 365-day suspension and $2,500 fine from the CSAC after testing positive for banned substances. The hearing is set for August 6, after which the UFC will decide whether Sherk keeps his belt.

- Yesterday, senior editor Josh Gross composed an open letter to UFC president Dana White regarding the Sherk/Franca/steroid debacle. Apparently, White read the letter and decided to answer with a letter of his own. Check it out. There's no verifying that the response letter is, in fact, from White himself, but the UFC president has been very vocal before about his disdain for, and the language of the letter is very similar to that which Dana uses. You be the judge.

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