Saturday, July 21, 2007

Wanderlei Talks UFC, Fedor, & Farts

The mid-July 2007 issue of Full Contact Fighter features an excellent interview with Wanderlei Silva, so I've gone ahead and put together some highlights of it for the viewing public. For your reference, the interview was conducted before the Silva/Chuck Liddell UFC 76 fight disintegrated.

On Dan Henderson vs. Rampage Jackson:

"Jackson is stronger, has a good build for that weight class, is bigger, and has very good wrestling. I think they are going to exchange some punches, but it's very difficult to knock Henderson down; he's very resistant to strikes. I think Jackson is going to win by decision using ground-and-pound because he is physically stronger."

On UFC taking over Pride:

"It is like people say: A fart in the United States stinks the entire world. So I think that MMA's rise in popularity in America is the beginning of a rise in popularity throughout the rest of the world."

On rule changes and fighting in the cage:

"I was talking with Master Rudimar Fedrigo - now our stomps are going to be our elbows. This is something I love to use and without a doubt, I expect to put it in practice in my next fight."

On Mauricio "Shogun" Rua:

"I think also that when Shogun gets in the (UFC light heavyweight) category, the party is over. I can't see anyone beating him."

On Meeting Randy Couture:

"Couture is a gentleman - a very nice and respectful person. He told me that he is preparing for the fight against Gabriel Gonzaga and invited me to train there in my preparation to fight Chuck Liddell. I was glad."

On Gabriel Gonzaga:

"I think that he has all the attributes to defeat Couture, in the skill and physical part."

On Fedor Emelianenko:

"I think that when Fedor Emelianenko goes to the UFC, the party is over. I don't know how he is now, but if he fights as he fought before, he is going to pull of the head of his opponents and just leave the bodies in the octagon."


Anonymous said...

holy shit...that's the best fedor quote i've ever heard. wand is the man!!!

Anonymous said...

when he says that he doesn't think anyone can beat shogun, do you think he's including himself...or does he mean anyone else?