Sunday, September 9, 2007

Diaz, Monson, Krazy Horse, Leland Headline Extreme Cage Fighting October Card

I like the movie poster theme they went with here, and I pray to sweet Jehosefah that Dog the Bounty Hunter will not be fighting. I like the Dog, but come on now. I'm sure that he'll be there rooting on his son, Leland, in his pro MMA debut and I'm sure that he and his leather vest will be a hit with some of the San Francisco crowd.

Also meeting pro MMA competition for the first time will be female IFBA light heavyweight boxing champion Mia St. John. I've only seen her fight once, but based on her Howard Stern Sow interviews and her very fine work in Playboy, I like her a lot.

As for my man Nick Diaz, this is (I think) the first I've heard of him facing Jason Gilliam on October 20. Diaz is slated to face Mike Aina as part of EliteXC's "Uprising" September 15 card, so I hope he's not too dinged up when he faces Gilliam a few weeks later.

The action is scheduled for Saturday, October 20 at the Cow Palace in San Francisco. Here's what we have so far:

Jeff Monson vs. Chris Marez
Nick Diaz vs. Jason Gilliam
Brad Imes vs. Ruben Villareal
Leland Chapman vs. Eric Jacob
Mia St. John vs. TBA
Krazy Horse Bennett vs. Jake Hatten
Gabe Ruediger vs. Gabe Rivas
Bo Cantrell vs. Brian Pardo
Matt Major vs. Marcus Gaines
Dammaccio Page vs. Javier Vasquez
Aaron James Carvahallo vs. TBA
Sean Klarcyk vs. TBA

Is it me, or does Jeff Monson fight every other week these days?

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