Saturday, October 6, 2007

The Gospel of Frank Shamrock

The latest issue of RealFighter magazine (Issue 15) features a pretty cool article on MMA legend Frank Shamrock. Shamrock once again had plenty to say and seems to always give his haters something to chew on. I happen to be a Frank Shamrock fan, but for those who are not, prepare for your panties to be bunched...

I will knock everybody out in MMA.

I don't put any resistance into fighting the takedown because I am better on the ground than anyone else.

Vitor (Belfort) is so easy to beat, and psychologically, he's so fragile. I would beat Vitor before I ever got in the ring.

I would knock him (Ken Shamrock) out. It would take a little while.

He (Anderson Silva) is a good stylist, but he has huge holes on the ground. A guy like that, you quick jab, power right him, step over, and tie him up.

Tito (Ortiz) turns and runs when he gets hit. Phil (Baroni) is a frickin man. Phil stands there and bangs it out. That's how people should fight MMA.

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