Friday, January 4, 2008

UFC's Top 10 Fighters for 2007

The good folks over at have been counting backwards from 10 quite a bit these days, and their latest endeavor is the top ten fighters of 2007. In reality, they list the ten fighters who've had the best year, but thay can call it what they want.

10) Kenny Florian/Marcus Davis (tie)
9) Matt Serra
8) Roger Huerta
7) Jon Fitch
6) Forrest Griffin
5) Georges St-Pierre
4) Frankie Edgar
3) Randy Couture
2) Anderson Silva
1) Quinton Jackson

Uhh...where's BJ Penn. I don't care what list we're making, BJ needs to be on it. That's the rule.

And I'm very glad to see my boy Frankie Edgar high on the list, especially ahead of Huerta.

I'm also glad to see Kenny Florian crack the top 10. He fought 3 times in five months and has become one of the lightweight division's most dangerous. Then again, if we're talking improvement, Luke Cummo is also much improved, but not necessarily worthy of being on this list. Check out his TKO wins in '07 over Josh Haynes and Crocota. Nasty.

Where's Joe Daddy? He choked the shit out of Melvin Guillard in about 30 seconds and dominated Kurt Pellegrino in earning himself a shot againt BJ Penn for the interim 155-lb. belt. He's probably #11.

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